Private Lessons: 

First of all there is nothing more important to us than safety here at the Curb. The only problem is that skateboarding is risky and to improve sometimes danger is involved. There is nothing more safe than having a coach who actually takes those risks his or her self and has lived the danger. Each one of our coaches is a seasoned vet when it comes to shredding and is more than equipped to take your skills to the next level.

Seriously, most of our coaches have more than ten years experience. 

Rates are: $40 Group Lesson

               $60 Private Lesson

              $45 Public Lesson

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Birthday Parties / Park Rental:

We offer rentals of the park outside of our regular hours at rates of $100 / hour

Take advantage of this for your next birthday party / filming sesh / olympic training sesh etc.

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Girl's Skate Sessions:

Open to girls and women of all ages and abilities that want to improve their skills, make new friends, and shred with other ladies!

We aim to do them the second Monday of every month but check our Instagram and @girlsskatedenver on Instagram for updates!

Bible Study:

Our staff love Jesus and we meet up here every Sunday at 6:30pm after the park is closed to study some scripture and break bread with one another. If you're at that spot in your life and you catch yourself praying to God or you're wondering who He is or what it's all about, come on down. Or if you already know him and wanna meet other believers who shred and listen to more than Hillsong, we got em. We read the bible from a contextual stand point as well as following devotionals written by people much smarter than us.

Come as you are.