located at:
3535 S Irving St (Unit B),
Sheridan, CO 
 tues-friday:   2-10PM
Saturday:     12-10 PM
          Sunday:           12-6pm
      MONDAY:        CLOSED
Session Prices:
2 hr Session: $7
10 day Session Pass:  $50

Skateboarding is everything for the average skate rat.

 A skate rat is someone who eats, breathes, and poops skateboarding. Skateboarding can expose you to some of the greatest things this world has to offer like music, art, culture, but also pain, tickets, hospital bills, and girlfriends or boyfriends who are bummed that you keep going to the park instead of Starbucks. Skateboarding has a way of shaping and educating the minds of the youth in such a special way. Our goal is that our facility would be a place where the youth can come and find some freedom in a safe place staffed by people who want to see our young skaters succeed! The youth is our future and hope and we aim to use skateboarding as a way to empower and edify our community through loving the individual as well as shredding with the individual.